Used vs new car: what to choose?

Often a used jalopy motorist is annoyed by sports cars that overtake them after stopping at a traffic light: indeed, even a new crossover in the parking lot, shiny and with a roaring engine, looks great, and envy is inherent in everyone. However, a certain component in a new car can increase its value in one and a half and even two times. Many people ponder: why overpay? Is it worth getting rid of an old car, or maybe it is better to ride the wind on a used car, laughing at the handsome sports car owners, who spent the money "for nothing" - we will examine in this material.
Naturally, such a question depends on many factors, especially on each individual case. Often, both your desires and your financial situation interfere. Both situations are fair and can happen - the one where every month a used car sucks you a tidy sum, and the one where the new model from the factory is absolutely not worth its money: acquaintances, for example, chose to ride on the used car, and the condition of their car is excellent. Here you can see pictures of cars their technical specifications and major problems.

A little bit of math

Money is really the most important reason in this choice. First of all, it is worth to determine the fuel consumption, compare it in a new car and in your used car. If your old car consumes 8-10 liters per one hundred kilometers and a fancy car from the salon - 10-12 liters per one hundred kilometers, then you will save about 8 thousand rubles per year.
It is worth to think about repair: maintenance of an old car can exceed, for example, annual transactions on car loans - here the answer is the same - it's time to change the car. If your car is the most reliable, if its condition is close to dismal or slightly below average - remember, the expenses for its maintenance will only increase and increase.
Moreover, it is simply impossible to overlook an important detail: market value. And here the influence goes both ways.
Usually a new car dynamically loses its price in the first couple of years, sometimes because of the general trend in car market paradigm (appearance of more and more new models) the price decreases with impetuous speed. The motorist should know in advance that his newly purchased car can be bought cheaper in a couple of years.


Almost every modern car is getting more and more improved safety systems, and on the market it is the main criterion of car quality. This includes an anti-lock braking system, airbags, and more. Buying a new car, you should consider this factor first and foremost. It is more expensive to drive a used car without safety devices. For this reason, we shall note, the majority of new automobiles cost more. In addition to modern frills in the form of multimedia centers, security systems are complex electronic mechanisms.


And here's the flip side of the high price of new cars and why it is justified: these are heated back seats, Wi-Fi, and voice control. Note that the same GU will also help the motorist to look more carefully at the road: which means, in the long run, these mechanics prevent accidents.
So, in our opinion, buying a new car (it does not have to be a "hit" of the market) is still better. After all, isn't it important for you to have your own safety? On the other hand there is no need to get carried away, firstly, wait for the price reduction, secondly, refuse the "pluses" which you don't need in a car objectively.