Instagram As A Part Of Digital Marketing World

Instagram has become the new form of communication media of the Twenty-First Century. The people have started relying on social media to provide them with authenticated unaltered news considering the politicization of all other forms of media. It is also relied upon by people for all their day to day activities, from text messaging their friends and family to endorsing their business. The business sector especially has tried to take utmost advantage of this platform which is not surprising when we consider that it has around 800 million monthly users, nearly 60 million photos and 1.6 billion likes per day. Ignoring such a wide base of product and content-hungry viewers, it is only the nature of the market for the sellers to meet demand with supply. Supply here, being the supply of products, services, and content in the platform.

Business Account feature of Instagram

The corporate sector has such a stronghold on Instagram now, that Instagram itself has facilitated the creation of a business account. In this business account, the account holders have special features in addition to those provided in the normal accounts.
Under the business account feature, the activity status of the account may be viewed which displays the activities undertaken by the account in a week. The account provides statistical data regarding the local ethnicities, gender, age and others of the followers at the fingertips of the account holder. This helps the seller to navigate through the area of the market which needs attention and immediate action regarding the same may be taken.
The account also gives notification of the number of profile visits within the previous seven days. This makes the current visibility of the account the immediate knowledge of the account holder, also facilitating instant action regarding the same. The account owners are also given an opportunity to endorse its posts or stories so that it reaches more accounts in the form of advertisements.
Additionally, it is also possible to track impressions of the post. In simpler terms, the data as to how many accounts the post has reached and has been shared and such. Here’s why many online Instagram sellers offer the advantage to buy likes, although this is not just limited to the business account and extends to normal accounts as well.

How does buying likes help the marketing community of Instagram?

Similar to all stores, shops and sellers are it online or offline, the purpose of sellers on Instagram is more consumers. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much sales were made and to how many consumers. The customers only buy goods if they are satisfied with the product or service, in other terms, if they like what is in front of them. The sellers on Instagram have an additional benefit in this sphere specifically, as the seller can buy likes to put their products and the online store they own into a better light. The assessment found a direct correlation between the number of real likes on Instagram and the sales indicator: the more likes, the higher are the sales. But one should not forget about setting and driving organic traffic to the point of sales from all possible sources such as other social media, various search engines and especially Google, outreach blogs, video, and audio streaming services.
Therefore, by manipulating the likability of the products, the sellers can directly manipulate the sales into their favor.